if [ ${a[$j]} -gt ${a[$j+1]} ] then. That’s exactly the efficiency problem you came up with in the first place. A binary search works by checking if our search value is more than, less than, or equal to the middle value in our array: If it’s less than, we can remove the right half of the array. Generated C source code is saved in a file with the extension .x.c If you supply an expiration date with the -e option the compiled binary will refuse to run after the date specified. Below are the steps to perform binary search: Binary search can be similar to searching a word in a dictionary. Subtraction (-): Binary operation used to subtract two operands. Try double quotes around the substituted awk program. First let us discuss about binary search. I didn’t get the output for the following code, please let me know why it’s not giving output#!/bin/sh, while read inputlinedo refid=`echo $inputline | cut -f1 -d” “` awk ‘/$refid/{print}’ logfiledone < input.csv, but if we run it at command prompt getting output awk ‘/12345/ {print}’ logfileGMT: 31-01-2012 13:00:00:467 Local: 31-01-2012 10:20:30:467 [12345] [-1147391239] |Retrieving cashflows for 15620_0_;MDD|ABC|INDL|GHI. The new number two! echo “Enter the limit:” read n. echo “Enter the numbers” for(( i=0 ;i
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