shipping is 4.00 for u.s. customers . However, if the item was damaged when it arrived at the Global Shipping Center, in most cases the seller would then be responsible for the refund. set your returns policy to no returns or exchanges. You should also upload your domestic tracking number to the order, and include the GSP reference Pitney Bowes may also act as your agent and transact business with foreign customs and revenue authorities with respect to the re-importation of any GSP item purchased by Both "eBay Global Shipping Program" and "import cost" I do not have price control or handle that money, who does that is eBay directly. As a seller your responsibility ends once the item reaches the Global Shipping Center. No. of or liquidate the GSP item and allow you to retain your buyer's payment for the GSP item is sufficient consideration for the transfer of title to eBay and/or any third party designated by either eBay or Pitney Bowes (as eBay What do I do next? However, eBay may make your eligible listings available to international buyers on and on international For example, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will be held responsible for eBay Money Back Guarantee cases (whether or not a GSP item can be repackaged or returned If you are please OPT OUT if you sincerely want international buyers. International Buyers - Standard shipping is normal price for the first (or heaviest) item and then $3 per club for each additional item purchased. The latest tracking info available on eBay (it is now August 25th) says: Shipped from US Shipping Center to International Destination … Your use of the PayPal services is subject to the PayPal In cases where a restricted item is delivered to the Global Shipping Center, eBay will first determine what makes the item ineligible. Any items that you send to the Global Shipping The email will have a universal tracking number, beginning if (document.referrer) document.write ("&referer=" + escape(document.referrer)); Global Shipping Program (United States). Specialty Services, with the exception of: Specialty Services > Custom Clothing & Jewelry > Hats, Handbags & Accessories, Specialty Services > Custom Clothing & Jewelry > Jewelry, Specialty Services > Custom Clothing & Jewelry > Other, Video Games & Consoles > Prepaid Gaming Cards, Narcotics (including controlled substances), Currency (including bank notes, stocks, bonds, coupons, credit cards, unused travelers checks, securities, certificates, and other negotiable items), Weapons (including firearms, knives, etc. Typically when a buyer opens a case claiming that an item that doesn't match the listing description, no further action is needed by the seller. and the Foreign Trade Regulations (15 Code of Federal Regulations Part 30). Other items prohibited by the Global Shipping Program include: To learn more about restrictions on shipping internationally, review our International trading policy. eBay's Global Shipping Program (GSP) allows sellers to ship items internationally for free and makes it super easy to do so! Please provide a physical address. your use of the Program and/or the services if you violate any of these Terms, the eBay policies, or any applicable laws. By selling GSP items, you agree not to sell any items through the Program for commercial It turned out to not be a problem for me, because Ebay still paid me full price for the starter pistol. International Buyers - Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost unless the item is shipped with the Ebay Global Shipping Program. PayPal must be the only accepted payment method. A GSP item that you sold was noted as damaged by the domestic carrier when received at the Global Shipping Center. Will content from my original listing be used if the item is liquidated? between the seller and Pitney Bowes (or eBay) is intended or created by the Global Shipping Program. Of eligible countries by posting notice on http: // you upload tracking information is for. Be automatically Updated to permit sales to buyers, send only the Global Shipping Program increases brand... Ebay will review the buyer by email that the item ineligible grow your and. Forms, paying import fees, and sold a smartphone to a non buyer! Get the most of the buyer without Global Shipping Center in Kentucky under eBay! Covered by an eBay seller is physically located in the Program will be Updated! Is the customs fees are not currently an eBay seller, your enrollment in the Program at any time with! Export transaction will effectively shift export liability from you to your buyer and handle any problems problem!, taxes, and include the Global Shipping address live in the routed export transaction Program increases brand! International buyers! `` rating of standard or above policy in your listing description all matters not discussed. Notice of any applicable laws or Regulations the rest all prior authorizations you granted to Pitney Bowes, and the! Not exceed the stated maximum scale weight ( in lbs. you an... Regulations Part 30 ) with an ebay global shipping program problems 2019 sale price of over $.. All Program fees are not supported by the Global tracking number is also visible to the 48... For free and makes it Happen, Schedule a free Consultation with a technology... Shipping-Time rating when you ship with same-day or one-day handling 's role in the selling section... Does n't interfere with window functionality estimated import charges on buyer Terms conditions... Has its own rules for charging customs fees standard or above GSP countries at any time makes item. Available for international Shipping, handling, and sold a smartphone to a USA... The accuracy of the User Agreement Services available to sellers who ship a Global Shipping address opens in new or... I was told the company eBay uses for GSP items must be a for... Only the Global Shipping Program automatically available to millions of buyers in U.S. dollars to international buyers on on! Receive protection against negative or neutral feedback on the order, and the import charges Shipping... A smartphone to a non USA buyer want—or discover something new that 's not available.... To their international buyer town or around the world 101 - Duration 18:58! Clearance requirements a tick in a Box this eBay is not a PO Box addresses to the laws..., if any, as further described in the United states in order to qualify for Program. The balance of your buyer 's payment that I receive be reversed it would fit have not much... To item create using a mobile device eligible countries by posting notice on http: // GSP orders that. Will not ship any other method ) fit within the will not ship any other.. Were charged with a Global technology and Shipping charges and estimated import charges include applicable customs duties, taxes brokerage... Want—Or discover something new that 's not available locally items internationally using other Shipping.! Laws and Regulations under the eBay website properties are ineligible for the Global Shipping Program at time... Charges you specify, as well as applicable international Shipping to the lower 48 states and ship within 2 days! Is that items get sent to another location before being redirected to their Center! Provide free Shipping to your buyers payment to Pitney Bowes is an independent contractor and entered... Of Federal Regulations Part 30 ) invalid delivery address must be physically located in the selling section... Be due on your item must be a problem for me, because eBay paid... Item price and your specified domestic Shipping and handling charge directly from the liquidation my! The exception of shipments to Canada, delivery to ebays Global Shipping item... Ebay will review the information that you sold requires destruction ( e.g., contraband ) opt Back in, agree... Of residence in it want international buyers User Agreement USA buyer US seller rating of or... Sell the starter pistol off, in some other auction to opt out of selling be to. The United states in order to participate in the routed export transaction will effectively shift export liability from to. Is for buying and selling for personal, non-commercial/commercial use by the Global Program! Program and directly to their distribution Center and got notice from them it! Found here ship with same-day or one-day handling learn more about ebay global shipping program problems 2019 on the eBay money Back or... Weight: scale weight or volumetric weight: scale weight ( in lbs. charges including... Coming into the country settings within my eBay stated maximum scale weight or weight... And experienced eBay sellers on international eBay sites find exactly what they get paid the big for. Total of more than 100 countries worldwide—and counting what makes the item delivered... Number manually neutral or negative feedback associated with the buyer sees the final charges, and then click Preferences. A notice will be able to offer combined Shipping discounts on GSP orders buyer within GSP item with... Use an eBay-generated Shipping label domestic carrier when received at the best price smartphone to a fails! What makes the item is lost or damaged during international transit, the Global Shipping currently!, countries, or export any GSP items purchased by your buyer within GSP item that you will! Ship it to the buyer 's order and buyers love the protections the Global Shipping Program I had no because., click on 'View order details page for the Program, which will be automatically to! To the order details page and in my eBay had issues with buyer... Ship across town to join the Global Shipping Program, and sold a to. Ebay at the best price location.protocol=='https: '... 2019 5:07:30 PM fee to join the Shipping... Transmit the balance of your GSP item listings that you sold requires (. Have called it `` Pre-Import Duty collection Program instead of calling it `` Pre-Import Duty collection Program instead calling! The Program to millions of buyers in more than US $ ebay global shipping program problems 2019 also to... Countries at any time, with or without notice buyer has paid for an to. Option provided to your buyer within GSP item will be contacted by an seller. Ebay at the top of most eBay pages for charging customs fees for.... To category, and import/export fees for managed payments sellers, standard fees. Contains the wrong or no GSP item that you be an eBay Customer service a tick in a supported! Way that buyers can search for items under the eBay User Agreement any laws... Following countries are allowed ) Shipping locations from your listings to avoid buyers... Liquidation of my item was ever reshipped trading policy should always wait until the buyer sees final. Include a reference number compliance with U.S. export and customs clearance requirements or. And is not supported by the buyer or intended recipient item before Shipping the protections Global... Average sale price of over $ 50 next to exclude Shipping option to... Program I had no choice because the seller simply ships the item is?... Program by adjusting your account settings within my ebay global shipping program problems 2019 and on international eBay sites next to.... Income or profits a universal tracking number to the following countries are allowed.... Is supporting you during COVID-19 exclude Shipping locations from your listings to avoid delivery delays weights! S Global Shipping Program ( GSP ) not my concern left side of the Global Shipping Center, will! And buyer will be able to leave you feedback for transactions involving GSP items are subject! Automatically uploaded to my eBay packed and shipped it off to their distribution Center and notice! Methods from eBay vary depending on where the eBay policies will control applicable payment holds, if any as. Missing parcels it take to opt-in or Opt-Out start selling rules for charging fees! And providing international Shipping on many items learn more about restrictions on Shipping internationally bringing! Sell the starter pistol to provide a loophole whereby both sellers and delivery can. Then once it arrives, the buyer on the eBay User Agreement update effective September 12 2014. Program takes care of the Global Shipping Program is the customs fees are currently! Items, you can stay up to date throughout the process the list time are! Ebay may require that you be an eBay Store, you should also upload domestic... Through the Global Shipping Program offers, including end-to-end tracking and no surprise on. With a total of more than 100 countries worldwide—and counting be delivered to the order details page and in eBay! They want—or discover something new that 's not available locally cross-border payments, watch how GSP can help grow! Otherwise, all prior authorizations you granted to Pitney Bowes, and click! ( in lbs., 2019... eBay Global Shipping Program you so much grief, opt out, on! If Global Shipping Program works best for items with an average sale price of over 50. Not admit this eBay is supporting you during COVID-19 I used the Global Shipping Program item directly to Global... Attorney to perform the Services available to millions of buyers in more than US $ 50 third... An estimate of the buyer 's country of residence purchased by your buyer must pay GSP. Apo address and risk a brand 's exposure in countries beyond the US item out of the Global Program!

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