The Rise Of Medical Tourism In Thailand

The fact that cosmetic surgery in Thailand for example has exploded in popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise. Medical tourism is big business in the modern era; not least because of the incredible savings it is possible to make. Thailand is one of the most visited medical tourism hotspots not only for this reason however; its surgeons and clinics are comparable to what is available in the United States and Europe so why pay more when you can get a holiday added in?
The Cost of Surgery
Opting for cosmetic surgery in Thailand could save you thousands of dollars if not more and the savings become even more profound when it comes to other medical procedures. For example, a hip replacement in the US will set you back $65,000 while it could cost less than $20,000 in Thailand.
Medical Tourism Boom
For decades, those in need of cosmetic surgery or otherwise have been content to accept being ripped off but this is no longer the case. In the last 10 years, medical tourism has become huge business with packages, agents and accommodation that resembles a holiday resort.
Cosmetic surgery in Thailand appears to have everything patients are looking for: World class surgeons, high quality equipment, English-speaking staff, low cost procedures and a beautiful climate with a remarkable amount of tourist attractions, facilities and amenities. As an example, the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok now serves over 1 million patients from all over the world each year. Facilities such as the Naravee Aesthetic Center in Bangkok have been described as ‘five star resorts’ compared to similar facilities in the West.
Patients who have received cosmetic surgery in Thailand point out that there is often a 1:2 nurse/patient ratio and catered meals. Indeed, some patients stated that Thai clinics are like the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel with clinics back home akin to the Comfort Inn! Rooms in Thai clinics usually have flatscreen TVs, kitchens and room service from local restaurants! It is like something out of a Hollywood movie and the overall experience is in stark contrast to hospitals back home.
Quality of Care
Ultimately, it is the quality of care that keeps patients coming back for more. Stunning scenery and 5-star hotel amenities in clinics are great additions but cosmetic surgery in Thailand is all about the results. Fortunately, Thai plastic surgeons excel in this department too as many of them are educated abroad and they bring this expertise home with them. Thai clinics have embraced the Internet age and their websites are laden with glowing testimonials from Western patients who were thrilled with the outcome of their procedure.
With Thailand flying up the World Health Organisation (WHO) rankings, travelling there for cosmetic surgery seems like a no-brainer for most people. This is also the case when it comes to medical procedures such as hip and knee replacements. The high level of surgery and facilities is only likely to improve as the Thai Government continues to pump money into one of its biggest money makers. For cosmetic surgery with a holiday thrown in, there appears to be few better places to visit than Thailand.
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