What to Look for in a Thai International School

Before you take your child to an international school, you need to research to know what each option offers. Most people institutions where you can learn more about the courses provided, fees, term dates, and other relevant information. While checking a website is convenient, it does not always provide everything you need to know about that specific school.
The best way of knowing about a school is by visiting it. However, this is not always possible because it might be located in an overseas destination. In such cases, it would be best if you contacted them through email or phone for further enquiry.
Here are the factors you need to consider before joining a Thai international school.
Type of Curriculum Offered
It is vital to know the kind of curriculum followed by an international school since each institution has its approach. Experts recommend choosing the option that offers a universal curriculum to ease the transition from one country to another. Besides the curriculum, you should also check the methods used by a school to assess its students. Some teachers monitor the progress of scholars using regular tests, which helps the devise better ways of teaching. If an institution is not transparent on how it assesses students, keep away from it.
Teaching Staff
The qualification levels of the teaching staff have a significant impact on the quality of education offered in a school. This information is usually available on the school’s official website. Make sure that the teachers are well-trained before taking your kid to that school.
Facilities and Resources
Another factor that affects the quality of education is the number of resources a school has. The classrooms should be large enough to accommodate students. The same applies to the library and labs, which should also have an adequate number of books and equipment, respectively.
Accreditation from a recognized international agency is an indicator that a school offers quality education. The essence of the accreditation process is to verify that an institution provides what it says it does. More importantly, qualified inspectors conduct the evaluation.
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