The Tele2 Arena is located right next to the Ericsson Globe Arenas, which is one of Stockholm’s principal concert venues, and not far from Hammarby’s old Söderstadion.. Cities Ranked by Number of 150m+ Completed Buildings NOTE: Counts of buildings under 150m may be incomplete. In the city, there are about 80 skyscrapers. There is still confidence in physical retail. See more ideas about mall design, shopping mall interior, architecture. Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is situated in the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg and is only 5 km from The Hague, 50 km from Amsterdam and 60 km from Utrecht. Trendy Amsterdam-based brands Hutspot, Ace & Tate and 10Days are the first to be confirmed for the space. The layout in Fresh! Just like every state is home to an ugly building, every state has an ugly skyscraper.Scouring local online forums, architectural critiques, and news articles, Insider went state by state to find the most architecturally questionable structures 15 floors or taller.
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