How to Choose the Best International School in Bangkok

Many expats living in Thai and rich Thai families favor sending their children to an International school in Bangkok over private or public schools. This is due to the fact that many accredited international schools in Bangkok prepare their students better for admissions into choice universities abroad. So how then can you choose the right international school in Bangkok for your child?
Make enquiries about the tuition fees of the international school in Bangkok you are seeking admission for your child. This is to make sure you can afford it, therefore providing stability for your child.
Decide whether a school that is in close proximity to the home, is a better choice or a boarding house. For some parents, a nearby school gives them a sense of safety and closeness to their children. Usually, relocation services will give similar recommendations when they introduce you to your new neighborhood in Thailand. Sending small children for hours on a bus seems like torture. Many parents often choose the nearest international school for this reason and decide to change schools at a later age.
Teaching & Non-teaching Staff
Mostly, children spend more time in school than at home and they have more interaction with their school’s staff and other students. The entire staff of your child’s school is the principal driving force behind the school. The number and experience of the teachers in the school are very important. Look out for international schools in Bangkok with qualified and certified teachers with degrees relevant to the subjects they handle.
Curriculum and Extracurricular Activities
Most international schools in Bangkok use either one of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, British, US or a national curriculum, or any or all listed curriculum combined. As a parent looking out for the bests international school for your child, find out if the courses offered in the school are sufficiently comprehensive to best serve the needs of your child. The kind of extracurricular activities offered in the school should also be considered; how such activities align with your child’s skills and talent and how they will have impact on your child. Also find out the performance of the students in the standardized tests conducted. Another important enquiry should be the universities that have accepted the graduates of the school over the years.
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